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Street Qt: Ivy League Besties in Matching Outfits

Wearing matching outfits from head to toe, the pair walked into the coffee shop and sat opposite one another, toe-to-toe. A fascinating and striking scene on the college campus.

Over their dark- brown chestnut-colored booties (they prefer calling them just “boots”), they wore a black-themed outfit with one of them wearing a rebellious zip-detailed leather-biker jacket. And, her bestie wore a perfectly contrasting Michael Kors cross-body purse, with brown strap and detail almost in perfect sync with her boots. “Was it planned?” “Of course!” “How?” “Snapchat!”

Ivy League Besties in Matching Outfits-1

Ivy League Besties in Matching Outfits-4

Ivy League qouture Vanessa and Ling 5


Zip Detail Leather Biker Jacket from Burberry

Michael Kors Selma Mini Logo Messenger

Street Qt

Street Qt: Fall Fashion – Cowboys and Indians

Street Qt Indian Summer  (9 of 12)

75 degrees in October is always welcome, summer’s little goodbye gift. For this October staple, affectionately called “Indian summer,” the ladies of New York City have decided upon western wear. This little game of “cowboys and indians” has filled the streets with brown boots and those floppy hats straight out of wardrobe on a John Wayne movie set.

Street Qt Indian Summer  (8 of 12)

Street Qt Indian Summer  (10 of 12)

Street Qt Indian Summer  (4 of 12)

Street Qt Indian Summer  (7 of 12)

Street Qt Indian Summer  (12 of 12)

Street Qt Indian Summer  (3 of 12)

Street Qt Indian Summer  (6 of 12)

Street Qt Indian Summer  (5 of 12)

Street Qt Indian Summer  (2 of 12)


Wool hat from H&M
Camel wool ha t from H&M
Felt wool hat from H&M
Wide Brim Felt Hat from Zara
Leather Boots from H&M
Boots from H&M
Fringed Boots from H&M
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Street Qt – Fall Trends: Grey, Plaid and Brown

Street Qt - 101414 (1 of 5)

It’s fall in New York City, even if it’s a beautiful 71 degrees outside. A definite trend this calm October morning is grey, coupled with a leather-brown tote or bag. Plaid, in black and white is even more fashionable, and exciting to see in a hoodie.

Street Qt - 101414 (3 of 5)


Street Qt - 101414 (5 of 5)

Street Qt - 101414 (2 of 5)


Street Qt - 101414 (4 of 5)






“Boyfriend” plaid shirt in linen and cotton blend from H&M
Flared calf-length imitation leather skirt from H&M, and jersey top
Flared calf-length imitation leather skirt from H&M
Plaid Flannel Shirt from H&M
Plaid Flannel Shirt from H&M
Voluminous plaid pullover sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters
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Street Qt: Dazzling Turquoise

Summer’s over in New York City. But a few short weeks ago, when the sun’s rays radiated beautifully on the city’s sidewalks, this lady walked by in a dazzling turquoise sleeveless-dress.

More on the pastel side, the midriff lace details and the above-the-knee hemline give it a little edge.

Qt Qouture Street Qt Torquoise Girl-2

Shop the Look:

Forever 21: Lady Lace Fit & Flare Dress Forever 21: Lady Lace Fit & Flare Dress

Forever 21: Garden Party Skater Dress

20710331_099_f Urban Outfitters: Sparkle & Fade Knit Skater Dress



61600295_largeDorothy Perkins: Closet Turquoise Flared Belted Dress

And a few matching items…

96-327.1AShiekh Shoes: Nature Breeze Women’s Cambridge-04

product photo shootNew Balance 501 Women’s Lifestyle & Retro

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Street Qt: Black Sun Dresses with Large Flowers

It hasn’t exactly been a sun-kissed summer in New York City, but that hasn’t stopped the ladies on the street from wearing sun-dresses. Black may not be high on the list of summer colors, but these flowy full-length dresses accompanied by splashes of large red flowers activates every feeling of the season.

Qt Qouture St Qt H and M Maison Kitsune-12

Qt Qouture St Qt H and M Maison Kitsune-13

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Street Qt: Happy Feet on Award Night

The quickest way to glam up any outfit, lays at a woman’s feet – her shoes.

It was award night in New york City for the Dramafever 2013 Awards. In the spring evening, happy feet came out of winter hibernation in peep-toe heels and platforms of all heights.

These blinged-out ankle-strap heels belonged to the host of the evening, the lovely actress Arden Cho.
Dramafever 2013 Awards Street Qt Arden Cho Shoes-2

These exquisitely printed peep-toe platforms are hand-made from Thailand.
Dramafever 2013 Awards Street Qt Shoes-13

Dramafever 2013 Awards Street Qt Shoes-14

Dramafever 2013 Awards Street Qt Shoes

Dramafever 2013 Awards Street Qt Shoes-4

Dramafever 2013 Awards Street Qt Shoes-6

Dramafever 2013 Awards Street Qt Shoes-12

Street Qt

Street Qt: Vivacious Scarves for a Flirtatious Spring

With spring weather in New York City teasing between mid-forties and mid-seventies, colorful and vivacious scarves are the perfect item to give that outfit a little pop.

Of recent in the Big Apple, on some days it’s wonderfully sunny and warm, and a few days later it’s damp and cool. In this state of affairs, New Yorkers are leery of putting away their drab and neutral colored cold-weather wear, and breaking out their vibrant spring wardrobe. As if to coax the coquettish spring weather to commit, the ladies of New York are using vestige-vestments of spring, like exciting and robust scarves, that add flourish and character to an otherwise dowdy outfit.

St Qt Scarves

St Qt Scarves-2

Street Qt

Street Qt: Afropunk Menswear Swag

Wearing a blue polka-dot buttoned-down shirt, neatly tucked in at the waist, with bow tie and bowler hat, she was hard to miss. This was at the Afropunk Battle of the Bands in Brooklyn, NY, filled with the energy of teenagers just getting a taste parental freedom.

Aside from her confident demeanor, what really made her light the room was her feminine form in masculine attire. It was sexy. And she had the swag to match.

Afropunk ST QT1

Afropunk ST QT2

I just wish I wasn’t in such a rush to take the pictures…. I had a band waiting.

Street Qt

Street Qt: Air Hostess Couture

It was a frigid New York evening, and she was sipping on a cup of coffee while balancing a cigarette between her fingers. She wore a long fitted over-coat with tapered hem lines and a large collar. Her radiant sky-blue uniform, with a comfy looking and cute travel bag to match, was unmistakably that of a KLM flight attendant. Underneath her cold weather overcoat, she wore long pants and was making small talk with her colleagues while waiting for ground transportation to the airport.

KLM Mart Visser Uniform 2

KLM Mart Visser Uniform

She pointed out, cheerfully, that her uniform was designed by the Dutch fashion designer, Mart Visser. It’s remarkable that the designer commented at the release of the collection that “The great thing about my design is that it will contribute to the wearer’s sense of pride and pleasure.” Mission accomplished.

Mart Visser’s design philosophy while creating the uniform line was that aside from creating something that “reflected current trends in couture…the wearer should feel comfortable in my creation,” Form and function.

So guess what KLM did with the 90,000 lbs of old uniforms? They “upcycled” (not recycled) them to create these appealing travel bags and accessories.

Tassen van KLM uniformen

Here are some pieces from Mart Visser’s Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection. He clearly places high value on the feminine form and is definitely a little cavalier.




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Designers Late to the “Orange” Party

There was a recent review on the venerable with the headline “Orange Emerges as the Color Trend of the Moment”. The review points out that the color orange in all its variations is a new and recurring theme in several 2014 Pre-Fall Collections.

Pastel outerwear was all the rage in 2013, but now Narciso Rodriguez, Joseph Altuzarra, and Gucci’s Frida Giannini have pumped things up with tailored coats in spicy shades.

This must be a case of the runway imitating the street, because on the contrary, in 2013 orange was all the rage on the streets of New York City. A quick look in our Street Qt blog posts, like this one titled  “Blue and Orange…Mixing it Up”, shows the streets littered with orange, tangerine, peach, salmon, cherry, and all hues of this citrus color. It seems some of our favorite designers are a little late to the party.

Orange is an energetic color, so it helps to tone it down with black or blue. Blue and orange are well suited for one another, think of water and fire. Blue exudes stability and trust, balancing out the passionate and volatile orange. Like Yin and Yang they compliment each others attributes. Gucci pulls this off with the clean and fiery overcoat on the navy blue long pants.
But is the demure and grey fall/winter season the best time to be bedecked in the sunshine evoking orange?
Street Qt

Street Qt: Girl in Park – Vulnerable Innocence

A heat wave hit the east of coast of the U.S. this weekend in the heart of winter, and brought back memories of summer.

This past summer while walking past The Leo of The New York Public Library on 42nd Street in Manhattan, I came across this “Street Qt” gazing into the distance with a forlorn look.

Feet together, her pose was self-protective. She seemed to be trying to hold on to something slipping away, like cherished values or a vulnerable innocence.


Wearing a long maxi dress and an ethnically inspired necklace, her look was conservative. But in trying to hide her gleaming shoulders in the little black jacket, she portrayed her vulnerableness and betrayed the sentiments she was trying so hard to protect.

As a gentleman, who looked… well…, approached and took the seat next to her, it suddenly all seemed to fall into place.



I hope our “street Qt” remembers that love conquers all, and just take it a day at a time.

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Street Qt: Cozy Sherpa Shawl Collared Coat for Fall Fashion

Among the throng of New Yorkers excitedly making their way home after a full-day’s work, she stood at the corner of the street calmly waiting for the light to go her way.

It must have been her coat, because she exuded such warmth. Her creme colored sherpa shawl collared coat was perfect for the cool fall weather. Enhanced further by the long paw-like sleeves enveloping her hands, and her cozy look was complete. Button-less and clip-less it wrapped around her loosely but securely.

Fall Fashion Shawl Sherpa Collar 1

Fall Fashion Shawl Sherpa Collar 3

Fashionable and stylish for one on a cool and breezy evening, turns out to be rather practical as well for two… she was eight months into her 9 nine months term. Here’s to a happy, safe and smooth delivery. Hear, hear!

Street Qt

Street Qt – Colors of Summer in Fall

As the sun refused to go away and sumer lingered, even after labor day, the streets of New York City during the first few weeks of autumn continued to be littered with vibrant colors and designs. Knee-high, strapless, sleeveless, wavy, and tropical, the streets never looked more “Qt”.



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Street “Qt”: The Triple “B”


Most things potent seem to come in triplets. “Triple threat”, “triple crown”… “three peat?!”. Well here’s another for you: Triple “B”. “Beauty and Brains in a Blazer.”


A recent NY Software Engineers event titled “Software meets Fashion”, held in the fashion district of New York City, produced a confluence of beauty and brains that were further enhanced by the “Qt” blazers adorning our triple Bs’.


A blazer on a gentleman is pretty commonplace, but on a lady it’s elevating. A blazer allows for a versatile style that’s classy, and sends a message of enlightenment. It enhances a casual look, creating a dynamic outfit that allows for layering. The eminence of a blazer, however, is that it effortlessly adds sophistication or opulence, exuding smarts and braininess. Finally, it’s a gentle reminder to all, even though there’s hardly the need, that you will be taken seriously.


Street Qt

Street Qt: Blue and Orange… Mixing it Up


To all alike, fashion literate or otherwise, orange has been the color of the year. But every now and then, it’s critical to toss things up a bit … add a little spice if you will. And, the combination of blue and these citrus hues certainly accomplishes that.


A seemingly unlikely pair, these two primary colors and their derivative shades help serve up a delectable style, whether mixing it up with harem pants or just your skinny jeans. Even your tote or hand bag need not be left out of the fun.


It’s been said that opposites attract. With the blue as the masculine tone complementing the feminine orange, it’s a match… “made in heaven”.


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Street Qt: Bumbled-Bee Circle Skirt



Standing at the street corner near Astor Place in New York City, was a street Qt in a voluminous Qt circle skirt.

She looked like a bumble-bee in the fall twilight, earnestly thumping through her phone in rapt concentration.

By the corner she stood in a white-wedge sandals replete with white daisies adding a touch of innocence.

Her fulsome skirt allowed our doyenne-bee to put on display her slender legs, in a wholesome way without betraying her virtue.

The “the circle-skirt, after all is the antidote to the mini-skirt.”

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Street “Qt”: Work Gals, Everywhere …


Working gals everywhere, especially in Manhattan, know they have to seek balance between their professional presence and their personal style.

Dylon, our dreamy-eyed street “Qt”, born and raised in New York knows a thing or two about this.


As an advertising professional, she seeks a sense of balance in her style, being careful not to over do it, else suffer the ire of the fashion police at work.

She describes her style as simple, elegant and chic. With a bright crimson blazer over a simple, elegant and neutral dress she’s able to pull off a look that speaks of controlled ambition and measured passion.


But like the rebel in many of us, she lets go when it comes to shoes. Her uniquely styled, edgy, sassy, double ankle strap with orange trim pumps tells another story.


A defining work of practical sophistication, her “toe cleavage” floral prints pumps are ideal for a hot summers day.


To our dreamy-eyed lass, we say rock on …

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Street Qt: Cut-out Casual Dress

This young lady had on the Qt-est outfit in all of Herald Square in New York City, on this balmy summer afternoon. Walking with her friend looking for a restaurant for a post Macy’s repartee, she’s decked out in a cut-out scarlet dress enhanced by lovely horizontal stripes that give hint of an ethnic flair. Her comfortable yet “Qt” outfit over those flip-flops sets her apart from the glamourous city.



The dress’s top appears to be a styled after a waist coat, and comes together with the skirt at the waist with aid of an elastic band that enhances the feminine figure.
Adorned by a dazzlingly dress, our dashing damsel did well to choose a quiet white and neutral colored Michael Kors handbag to complement her casual yet amorous look.