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Street Qt: Ivy League Besties in Matching Outfits

Wearing matching outfits from head to toe, the pair walked into the coffee shop and sat opposite one another, toe-to-toe. A fascinating and striking scene on the college campus.

Over their dark- brown chestnut-colored booties (they prefer calling them just “boots”), they wore a black-themed outfit with one of them wearing a rebellious zip-detailed leather-biker jacket. And, her bestie wore a perfectly contrasting Michael Kors cross-body purse, with brown strap and detail almost in perfect sync with her boots. “Was it planned?” “Of course!” “How?” “Snapchat!”

Ivy League Besties in Matching Outfits-1

Ivy League Besties in Matching Outfits-4

Ivy League qouture Vanessa and Ling 5


Zip Detail Leather Biker Jacket from Burberry

Michael Kors Selma Mini Logo Messenger


Fall Trends – Cropped Jackets

Jackets made for the cool temperatures of fall tend to share similar traits. Their colors verge towards the somber feel and look of the season, mostly in gray and black. They also tend to be cropped and fitted, in a way that yearns for when the weather permitted nominal clothing. On this small visage, large buttons and large collars usually complete the trend.
Matching this panache are Loft by Ann Taylor’s grey woolen jacket and BCBG Max Azria’s charcoal tweed jacket with leather sleeves.
Loft by Ann Taylor Fall Cropped Jacket 1
Loft by Ann Taylor Fall Cropped Jacket 2
Loft by Ann Taylor Fall Cropped Jacket 3
BCBG Max Azria Fall Cropped Jacket 2

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Fall Fashion at Ann Taylor with Furs and Skin Accents

As fall weather begins in earnest in the Big Apple, Ann Taylor’s store-front window on 5th Avenue beckons the working lady with all kinds of fur and animal skin accents. Hinting at feelings of comfort and warmth, the furry embellishments and wooly skins adorn statuesque dresses, create faux-fur vests, compose flap-able overcoats, and elevate an elegant silken and sleeveless top with pants.

As temperatures head south of 50 degrees, the bevy of women that constantly ply 5th Avenue may heed this call of the jungle.

Ann Taylor 1
Ann Taylor 4
Ann Taylor 5
Ann Taylor 2
Ann Taylor 6
Ann Taylor 7
Ann Taylor 8


Macy’s Golden Memories on Memorial Day


In honor of memorial day weekend, Macy’s Herald Square in New York City displayed this beautiful gold encrusted military jacket befitting all the whimsical quests a long weekend could bring.


Although the summer was firmly upon the city, the elegantly fitted jacket over the red-hot short-shorts makes for an unforgettable outfit on a chilly evening at ______


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Ivy League Qouture: Princeton Edition


The campus of Princeton in all its Ivy-league splendor is located in an idyllic setting, surrounded by small suburban towns and woods. Removed from any urban center, it almost lives in its own tranquil world. Which it can afford to do.

In this setting of excellence and academic pursuit, you’ll also find equally appropriate boutiques and style.

With stores like J. Crew and Brooks Brothers, the outfits on display during the late spring with the weather still a little chilly, are somber and ascetic with navy-blue sweaters, cardigans and neutral-colored pencil skirts. None-too-flashy or risqué, albeit “Qt”, these outfits are for mingling with business and world leaders.

Amidst the purveyors of muted attire, can be found relatively more colorful and playful outfits.

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Qt Scans: Ralph Lauren’s Adventure with Matadors

Ralph Lauren 2

Ralph Lauren’s Spring 2013 collection has been making the rounds through the fashion magazines. Taking inspiration from Iberia or arguably “south of the border”, the theme seems to resonate with Flamenco in all it’s flair.

Ralph Lauren 1

The flaming-red evening dresses and gowns topped off with vaquero hats, and berets over gold-encrusted bolero jackets conjure images of a passionate adventure to the land of the matadors.

Ralph Lauren 3

Technology meets couture in this exquisite Ralph Lauren tote. The leather has been laser-cut into a basket-frame with “RL” scripting. Adorned with a “Qt” tassel that adds imagery of a bull’s tail, it connects with the Iberian theme. In that glaring red color and neutral lining, it’s sure to garner attention. Olé!

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An Ode To Spring with Loft Dresses and Outfits

There is always beauty in simplicity. The sleeveless dress seen against a light-hearted and flowery backdrop at the elaborate Loft store in the heart of Times Square on 42nd street and 7th Avenue, stands out for its simple cut on a monochomatic palette, and for an austere yet “Qt” visage.

An ode to spring, the shorts along with the jacket, also utilizes monochromatic tones but with a little more embellishment. The outfit makes for a sassy as well as a little flirty look, but without entirely compromising on the austere aesthetics.

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Gap’s Epic 1969 Skinny Skimmers

It’s 1969 again at GAP.

Back in 1969, “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” was uttered as mankind fist stepped outside our beautiful earth. Also, the music festival of all time happened at Woodstock. All in all, the summer of 1969 was epic and one for the ages.

With their new stylish, and colorful selection of skinny jeans that taper at the legs for a flattering and slimmer look, Gap may simply be wishing you an epic summer with their new line of 1969 Skinny Jeans.

“Good luck and god-speed” in picking the right color.

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BCBGMaxazria’s Light and Airy Spring Collections

An early, breezy and light spring seems to be the prediction at BCBGMaxazria.

That’s certainly the impression at the Manhattan store on 40th street and Fifth Avenue, next to the beautiful Bryant Park, where you will find the breezy pleated maxi skirt in parisian blue, topped over by the contemporary-styled cut-away white blazer with really clean lines.

Also on display were items from BCBG’s resort collection, which seems styled for a holiday getaway to the Caribbean with its bright but light colors. Among these are the multi-striped smartly woven knit top and skirt, as well as the split round-necked bess dress with a burst of color spreading across it.

If on the hand if you doubt BCBG’s early spring prediction, giving this rather unpredictable weather afflicting east-coast America, there’s the lime-green jacket with sturdy shoulder structure and zippers for that somewhat edgy look on a frigid spring morning.

It turns out BCBG stands for “bon chic, bon genre” and translates as “good style, good attitude”. This seems to be exactly in line with out “Qt” mantra.

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Macy’s in all Shades of Valentine

This Valentine’s season, Macy’s at Herald’s Square in Manhattan had a “Follow Your Heart” campaign that featured colors that would make your heart skip a beat, and take your breath away.

The minimalist setting and bluish background, in their glamorous giant windows was ideal in enhancing all of the  red, orange and pink shades on display.

There were different styles on display as well, including the sleeveless dress with a super hero motif, the pink leather jacket with frills that speaks volumes when you’re brimming with confidence, and the “Qt” yet bold lace peplum over pants.

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Subway Fashion: “Men on the Street”

Something about these “men on the street”, captured on the same night, begged to be an exception to the rule for QutieQouture.

The  gentleman waiting for the train, with his hat stylishly placed over his head, really put together a great combination with the colorful and large scarf that’s seemly busting out of his smug overcoat. Interestingly, it’s a mixed message of sorts with a metaphor. Ostensibly, that is.  He seems to be saying underneath this façade of coolness and self-assuredness, is a passionate and a little insecure inner voice that’s being held back. Which isn’t always a bad thing for someone with responsibilities. He would just need a healthy outlet. Again,… ostensibly.

It’s amazing what a single item of clothing and a smile can do for your outfit. With that burnt orange striped tie and smile he may as well be running for congress.

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Loft: Stripes and Falling Petals

Loft seems to be really into horizontal-striped patterns. It’s all over their website and on this display at their 42nd street and Madison Avenue store, next to Gand Central Station in New York City.

The “Qt” cargo twill mini-trench coat, which has elbow length-sleeves, in it’s vibrant color lights up the whole display window. The large brown buttons are a real nice touch. Their color is not overpowering the jacket, but rather unexpectedly complementing the look.

Then there’s the “Multi Stripe Shift Skirt in Corded Dobby“. It’s a bit of a mouthful, but let’s just call it “Qt”. It has a matching “Striped 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan“, but you don’t really have to wear them together. The cardigan has a comfy-looking V-neck and also has 3/4 sleeves that reaches just beyond the elbow.

The petals on the  “Falling Petals Crepe Dress“, interestingly has the petals blowing from left to right. Hmmm, I guess this is dress for those days when you want to shower a gloomy world with the beauty from your heart. Hopefully, that’s everyday….the beautiful heart part, not the dress and gloomy world part. 🙂

In all, its a casual and laid-back look, as well as on the sensible side with a touch of “Qt”.

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A Stroll Up Columbus Ave: “Really Great Things” Found Here

Really Great Things“, that’s really the rather unassuming name of this boutique located between 73rd and 74th St, on Columbus Avenue in Manhattan. It has a little bit of an industrial or you could say utilitarian decor, but with an edge … a “Qt” edge.

Hanging from the ceiling are these utilitarian-like but feminine winter jackets. One of these is accessorized with a large and bold red belt, adding some sophistication and a little “Qt”.

Below the hanging coats, are these, again utilitarian-like, winter boots. One of these boots comes iron studded, with a fur-ish fold-over flap and inner lining that’s totally “Qt”. There’s also the winter boot with something of a heel and style that’s somewhat out of the old west.

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Korean Preview: Blanket Rain Coat by Meiling Chen

The 2012 Korean Textile and Fashion Trade Show, known as the Korean Preview was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City on Nov. 28 and 29.

The blanket rain coat is a design by New York based Meiling Chen. It’s named as such because when spread out completely it looks like a blanket. Also, aside from being a “Qt” outerwear, it will protect your lovely inner outfit from the elements.

Click here to see more of Meiling’s collection.

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Fur Collared Winter Coats at Miss U

In many parts of Northern Bergen County are these cozy stores and boutiques with really “Qt” outfits. MissU is in Palisades Park, NJ right next to Ugly.

The other night they had these winter coats that had fur collars. The beige coat had appealing large buttons, and the dark brown coat had a leather strap which gave it a “Qt” touch.