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Louis Vuitton’s “Brown and Beige Damier”, and Michael Kors “Checkerboard.” “Who wears it Better.”

I was standing on line at a convenience store, and in front of me stood a fair brunette with extensions. Hanging from her shoulder was the iconic Louis Vuitton Speed 30, with its golden zipper open. Genuine or not, she reached into it and pulled out a Michael Kors wallet in a checkerboard pattern.

LV SPEEDY 30 Damier Canvas Speedy 30

MK Checkerboard Wallet
An interesting juxtaposition that actually works really well from a visual standpoint, may have a non-initiate in the world of fashion asking, “Who copied who?”

The beige and brown Damier canvas pattern on Louis Vuitton’s iconic monograms was conceived by Mr Vuitton himself in 1888 to deter imitations. Fast forward about 100 years, enter Mr Michael Kors, who has not hesitated to adopt and adapt the design for his purposes. By now, whatever trademark or copyright LVMH may have had on the design, would have long expired.

For Mr Kors, the adaptation works, because it makes the design accessible. Although, the preference is for Louis Vuitton, because of its high-luxury brand. Or, as Ivy-League student Rihanna said “it’s more upscale.”

Browsing Louis Vuitton’s website looking for the bags section is like a treasure hunt. Click “women”, but no “handbangs!” Is it under “accessories?!” No, “ready-to-wear!? No, No, can’t be. “Leather Goods,” then. And, then another menu pops up:
“Hand Bags;”
“Small Leather Goods;”
“Celebrating Monogram;”
Was that really all necessary?!
The damier canvas patterns are found under “Monogram Icons,” under “Hand Bags”

On Michael Kors’s website, bags are listed directly in the rather tacky looking primary menu. And, there are lots of them – a prodigious amount of them.

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Handbags, Clutches and Purses the P. Luca Way

These hand bags and clutches seen at the P. Luca 4 Barami store on 7th Avenue btw 36th and 37th street, all have very unique qualities that gives that “Qt” appeal.

The deep yellow hand bag with the leather strands has a western feel, that conjures images of a cow girl. The glittering and round-shaped neck of the arm-hold adds a bit of sophistication to soften the look a bit.

The multi-colored clutch really stands out because of its well textured patterning, which makes it an alluring item that’s not boring.

Orange and it’s derivative shades are the new pink. Wanna add some “Qt” to your outfit? Add the peach-orange clutch with shades to match.

P. Luca is a sub-brand of Barami, started by Barami’s daughters. The daughters seemed to have added a youthful edge based on the uniqueness and individuality found in a young generation.

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Gap’s Epic 1969 Skinny Skimmers

It’s 1969 again at GAP.

Back in 1969, “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” was uttered as mankind fist stepped outside our beautiful earth. Also, the music festival of all time happened at Woodstock. All in all, the summer of 1969 was epic and one for the ages.

With their new stylish, and colorful selection of skinny jeans that taper at the legs for a flattering and slimmer look, Gap may simply be wishing you an epic summer with their new line of 1969 Skinny Jeans.

“Good luck and god-speed” in picking the right color.

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Dressed to the Nines in Glitter

Good shoes, they say, “will take you good places”. And when they are covered in crystals, there’s probably no better place than a wedding.

Shoe Chic II in Englewood, NJ has an assortment of bridal and evening wear shoes and platforms that are covered in crystals to complete your glamorous look.

The peep toe platforms are especially “Qt”. Cinderella’s godmother would have no issue’s shopping here.



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Red Hand Bags and Clutches

Red in general makes a bold statement. However, the message is so much clearer, when your hand bag is red and your dressing is a bit demure and less loud.

At Kumkang in Palisades Park, NJ there were these colorful handbags and clutch wallets. One of the handbags came with quite a “Qt” handle.