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The Merengue Summer Dress at the New York Look

The New York Look boutiques are some of the most exciting places to shop for dresses in New York City. Their pieces are always relevant and fresh. Also, they never shy of appealing colors and alluring cuts.

As summer approached, in late spring, their Times Square store had this exciting statement piece on display. It’s called a merengue dress and is designed by Nanette Lepore. The color, described as punch is lightly toned, and adds to the airy feel given by the ruffles around the midriff and along the skirt.

It’s a perfect dress for a relaxed evening for the months of June and July, in New York City.

NY Look Punch Dress-9

NY Look Punch Dress-1

NY Look Punch Dress-2

NY Look Punch Dress-3

NY Look Punch Dress-4

NY Look Punch Dress-5

NY Look Punch Dress-6

NY Look Punch Dress-7

NY Look Punch Dress-8

You can shop the look here and here.


Polyesters in Contrast… the “Qt” Effect

This is polyester…..


And, this is polyester.


According to Wikipedia, “polyester is a synthetic polymer”…. basically, it’s a plastic. However unexciting is this piece of information, it continues that polyester is regularly woven into natural fibers to create fabrics of superior quality, which are more durable and wrinkle resistant.


These “Qt” outfits were taken at one of the many nameless boutiques that surround the fashion district in Manhattan, just south of Times Square. These boutiques seem to perpetually have “going out of business” sales. With most of their business coming from tourists, it’s the same difference.


“This is so cute”, said the attendant probably unaware of the tender smile that now crept across her face.

Although the dress is not immediately glamourous, it’s easy to comprehend and sense, the attendant’s sentiments. We call it the “Qt” Effect. It creates a feeling of gentle bliss and tender desire.

Gentle Caution: the “Qt” effect may cause impulse buying.


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Qt Scans: Selena Resplendent in InStyle

Selena 4

Selena Gomez, from rather early on showed a proclivity for style and being refined. Recently, it is becoming increasingly clear that the former Disney star is no longer a child, but a blossoming young lady.

Selena 1

Gracing the cover of the June 2013 issue of Instyle magazine, Selena shows her transformation into a graceful icon of fashion.

Selena 3

Selena looking radiant and resplendent, posed in “Qt” outfits such as this Peter Pilotto Polyester Blend dress, which we last saw at Gito in Englewood, NJ.

Selena 6

As she continues to shine into her own, it’s our hope she keep her head about her and expend her energy in creative and productive endeavors.

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Ivy League Qouture: Princeton Edition


The campus of Princeton in all its Ivy-league splendor is located in an idyllic setting, surrounded by small suburban towns and woods. Removed from any urban center, it almost lives in its own tranquil world. Which it can afford to do.

In this setting of excellence and academic pursuit, you’ll also find equally appropriate boutiques and style.

With stores like J. Crew and Brooks Brothers, the outfits on display during the late spring with the weather still a little chilly, are somber and ascetic with navy-blue sweaters, cardigans and neutral-colored pencil skirts. None-too-flashy or risqué, albeit “Qt”, these outfits are for mingling with business and world leaders.

Amidst the purveyors of muted attire, can be found relatively more colorful and playful outfits.

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Resurgent Boutiques – Eclectic Selections

Upscale small boutiques seem to be making a resurgence in equally upscale suburbs, catering to the classy soccer moms, chic baby bombers and the moneyed single gal. In a relatively classy suburb of New York City, in Bergen County, sits Gito’s Englewood, NJ boutique.

If you are looking for a unique and eclectic item, a boutique in the suburbs is usually the best choice.

For instance, this rather wonderous dress, which features intricate patterns that are striking in detail and texture. It has a fulsome skirt, but minimalist top – sounds like an oxymoron. With a blue nuance, it is quite striking when seen on the dainty frame of Selena Gomez. Which adds to its paradox, a “Qt” dress styled for a grown woman, yet perfect for a girl.

Sophia Webster made a splash his spring, with her debut collection. Innovative in style and concept she seemed to have taken the fashion world by storm. Taking inspiration from ethnic prints and patterns she’s given new meaning to the word fabulous. Basically, slip any of these on, and your feet will be having a party. Sophia Webster’s collection are obtained exclusively online from net-a-porter. She’s playfully given her shoes names like, Lula, Milan and Riri.

Edgy dresses, innovative shoes, and now “Qt” dresses, Gito seems to have it all. This pink sleeveless dress, is a total vision of “Qt”. And, once again we see a juxtaposition of opposing perspectives and textures. The sleeveless top composed of a flowery-lace pattern gives it a light and cheerful impression, while the skirt which goes below the knee provides a sense of stability. It’s a dress for the modern day gal, yet soccer mom extraordinaire. Her essence may be “Qt”, but she’s holding it down

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Beauty at the Corner

Beauty, it has been said lies in the eye of the beholder. Although without much glamour and charm, these “Qt” items seen at a tiny little store on the corner of 35th street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan possess a certain appeal, to the beholder.

To start with, the colors are alluring: Neon-lime green and a shade of pink on the salmon side. And, the designs a little regular but nonetheless stylish.

These flowery collars and neck-line embellishments, makes for a radiant look. The flourished collar of the lime-green item also adds a bit of a regal feel to the look . Styled for a gown, it has a cut that is somewhat dynamic suggesting movement and non-conformity. It also looks like a comfortable spring and early summer outfit. The fabric used here is a little rigid, but another fabric of greater fluidity would likely enhance the dynamic look. Finally, a little color-blocking on the color might just enhance its “Qt-ness. Mmmm…. just a thought.

Our little corner boutique also adds a little one-stop shopping with an assortment of shoes, some glamorously studded and others that many a man would not want to be on the wrong end of. Shopping here will most likely result in minimum damage to your wallet.

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Handbags, Clutches and Purses the P. Luca Way

These hand bags and clutches seen at the P. Luca 4 Barami store on 7th Avenue btw 36th and 37th street, all have very unique qualities that gives that “Qt” appeal.

The deep yellow hand bag with the leather strands has a western feel, that conjures images of a cow girl. The glittering and round-shaped neck of the arm-hold adds a bit of sophistication to soften the look a bit.

The multi-colored clutch really stands out because of its well textured patterning, which makes it an alluring item that’s not boring.

Orange and it’s derivative shades are the new pink. Wanna add some “Qt” to your outfit? Add the peach-orange clutch with shades to match.

P. Luca is a sub-brand of Barami, started by Barami’s daughters. The daughters seemed to have added a youthful edge based on the uniqueness and individuality found in a young generation.

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Hidden Treasures

Talk about a hidden treasure! It was past midnight, and this little window was almost pitch black. But some instinct said there’s got to be something interesting about what looked like the silhouette of a dress peeking from the darkness. With the flash turned on and trying every angle possible, these awe-inspiring and magnificently “Qt” outfits, were made manifest.

This custom maker of fashionable items is so obscure that no one can quite agree on its name. Some call it Workshop Leathers, others Shearling and Leather by Workshop, and still others just call it Workshop. It is located on 107 E. 59th Street in Manhattan, between Madison and Park Avenue

Let’s start with the collar-sleeve combo of the central display, which seems right out of a Salvador Dali painting. And, that red dress… totally speechless.

How does one begin to describe these manifestations of fashion?  Any takers?

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Navy Lace Dresses at MontMartre, NYC

Two dresses, each one lace, each one navy-blue, and each one beyond elegant to give you an air of sophistication.

One is a bit more patterned and has a rounded neck that plunges a little, one has short-sleeves and the other is sleeveless.

Both are found at MontMartre in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, between 78th and 79th Street on Broadway Avenue in New York City.

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A Stroll Up Columbus Ave: Pookie and Sebastian

Three outfits was all this little hole-in-the wall could fit in its display window. Called  Pookie and Sebastian, it is located between 75th and 76th Streets on the upper west side of Manhattan. It is one of five Pookie and Sebastian Stores in New York City.

There was the wide-neck, loose-fit and short-sleeve knit sweater with the golden hue. The golden colored hand bag under the arm-pit is in perfect harmony with the casual feel of the outfit, amplified by the skinny jeans.

The sleeveless white dress in the corner, with its dynamic strands and gold-ish waist bands seems both out of the raging 20s and at the same time would fit nicely into the fashionable closet of a roman debutante. It’s got that breezy feel to it, in part created by the strands it’s covered in. It’s a unique dress for that unique look.

The last outfit was a silken-sleeveless top with a faux-fur collar. This outfit and the romanesque 20s dress were in sync with the decor of the display window, which was feathery, flowery and airy.

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A Stroll Up Columbus Ave: “Really Great Things” Found Here

Really Great Things“, that’s really the rather unassuming name of this boutique located between 73rd and 74th St, on Columbus Avenue in Manhattan. It has a little bit of an industrial or you could say utilitarian decor, but with an edge … a “Qt” edge.

Hanging from the ceiling are these utilitarian-like but feminine winter jackets. One of these is accessorized with a large and bold red belt, adding some sophistication and a little “Qt”.

Below the hanging coats, are these, again utilitarian-like, winter boots. One of these boots comes iron studded, with a fur-ish fold-over flap and inner lining that’s totally “Qt”. There’s also the winter boot with something of a heel and style that’s somewhat out of the old west.

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A Stroll Up Columbus Ave: The Little Blue Dress

This blue bandeau-dress was in the window of  Olive and Bette’s, in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, along Columbus Avenue. Probably what’s most eye-catching about it, is the bandeau-like strapless bare shoulder along with its spectacular feminine shade of blue color. It’s a “Qt” summer dress for a picnic in the park.

It is perforated below the waist at the skirt, which would give it a dynamic look when prancing through the park.

Olive and Bette’s, with its “brand’s signature cotton-candy-pink striped walls, floral curtains, zebra-patterned dressing rooms and white-washed furniture” is between 71st and 72nd St on Columbus Avenue.

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Annoucement: Alice and Olivia Sample Sale 12/18-12/22

Alice + Olivia are having a sample sale with up t0 70% off, from 12/08-12/22 between 28th and 28th Street on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.



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Cowl Neck Sweaters at New York & Company

The over-sized cowl neck sweater seems to be all the rage at the New York & Company store in Englewood, NJ.

This is what  New York & Company had to say about these affordable and “Qt” neck warmers:

“Wide horizontal stripes are knit within this fine gauge sweater, designed with an oversized cowl-neck–warm and cozy yet chic appeal any day of the week”


NY & Co appears to be very comfortable with bold and “Qt” neon colors, even in winter. And why not?!

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Dressed to the Nines in Glitter

Good shoes, they say, “will take you good places”. And when they are covered in crystals, there’s probably no better place than a wedding.

Shoe Chic II in Englewood, NJ has an assortment of bridal and evening wear shoes and platforms that are covered in crystals to complete your glamorous look.

The peep toe platforms are especially “Qt”. Cinderella’s godmother would have no issue’s shopping here.



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Fur Collared Winter Coats at Miss U

In many parts of Northern Bergen County are these cozy stores and boutiques with really “Qt” outfits. MissU is in Palisades Park, NJ right next to Ugly.

The other night they had these winter coats that had fur collars. The beige coat had appealing large buttons, and the dark brown coat had a leather strap which gave it a “Qt” touch.


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Flower Blouse with Frills

In Palisades Park, NJ is a cozy little store with the most interesting of names, “Ugly”. Ironically, Ugly has some of the cutest items along Broad Ave. Earlier in the summer this “Qt” sleeveless and flowery blouse with frills was on display.IMG_3913IMG_3915IMG_3916IMG_3917IMG_3919

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Dresses of Showroom Outlet

One of the awesome things about living in New York City or a large, dense and diverse city is options, options, and more options.

This store is called Showroom Outlet located at 556 8th Avenue in Manhattan, and it has very “Qt” dresses for low prices.

The gold evening dress is the definition of “Qt”. It has a very beautiful embroidery pattern that’s surrounds it, the upper section would cover the bust completely, and the look could be completed with a lovely shawl or scarf with complimentary colors.

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Dresses of The New York Look Boutique

There’s this rather wonderful store on the corner of 41st and 7th Avenue in New York City that sells almost exclusively dresses. Many of them are very “Qt”.

It’s called “The New York Look“. They constantly rotate dresses of different looks and seasons in their window displays.