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Street Qt: Ivy League Besties in Matching Outfits

Wearing matching outfits from head to toe, the pair walked into the coffee shop and sat opposite one another, toe-to-toe. A fascinating and striking scene on the college campus.

Over their dark- brown chestnut-colored booties (they prefer calling them just “boots”), they wore a black-themed outfit with one of them wearing a rebellious zip-detailed leather-biker jacket. And, her bestie wore a perfectly contrasting Michael Kors cross-body purse, with brown strap and detail almost in perfect sync with her boots. “Was it planned?” “Of course!” “How?” “Snapchat!”

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Ivy League qouture Vanessa and Ling 5


Zip Detail Leather Biker Jacket from Burberry

Michael Kors Selma Mini Logo Messenger

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Vince Camuto at Grand Central

Vince Camuto, the women’s footwear designer and co-founder of Nine West, Inc, has a lovely store with a glass store-front in Grand Central Station, in Manhattan. Aside from classy footwear you’ll also find hand bags and a few clothing items.

His designs generally have a clean and neat profile (the Harty and the Timba), and can be described to be gracefully elegant (VC Signature Zan). At times they come with subtle flares (the VC Signature Xenith) and sometimes not so subtle flare (as in the Jardine).

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A Stroll Up Columbus Ave: “Really Great Things” Found Here

Really Great Things“, that’s really the rather unassuming name of this boutique located between 73rd and 74th St, on Columbus Avenue in Manhattan. It has a little bit of an industrial or you could say utilitarian decor, but with an edge … a “Qt” edge.

Hanging from the ceiling are these utilitarian-like but feminine winter jackets. One of these is accessorized with a large and bold red belt, adding some sophistication and a little “Qt”.

Below the hanging coats, are these, again utilitarian-like, winter boots. One of these boots comes iron studded, with a fur-ish fold-over flap and inner lining that’s totally “Qt”. There’s also the winter boot with something of a heel and style that’s somewhat out of the old west.

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A Stroll Up Columbus Ave: Riding Boots and Slippers; Winter and Spring

It is frrreezzzing in NYC right now, and with the fresh snow fall from over the weekend, let’s hope you’re ready for winter. Just in case you’re not, well there’s all kinds of stylish and “Qt” boots of all tastes at this store on the upper west side of Manhattan called Floodlight Shoes.

They have winter “workhorses” and riding boots, fashionably in black and brown.

In addition, there’s these colorful Danish clogs and fascinating Moroccan slippers that may make you long for spring.