Visually, it’s all about the loose and comfortable pant suits, in Vogue magazine’s vision of the future. Enacted by model Joan Smalls and her fit companion, Danish actor Nikolas Coster-Waldau, Vogue calls the styles that will dominate the 22nd century “clean-lined, cool and ultra-comfortable day-chic.”

Joan Smalls Vogue Future 6

Joan Smalls Vogue Future 2

Joan Smalls Vogue Future 4

Joan Smalls Vogue Future 7

With her hair in a curly mini-afro, reminiscent of Lineisy Montero’s, Joan Smalls takes us on a futuristic journey complete with the robotic dog, robotic butler, robotic flying car, and pleasant hanging kitchen-gardens. It’s a future that must have found a way to heal the planet and reverse climate change.

But where are the elegant, seductive and irresistible evening gowns!? According to Vogue “we all want to be liberated from physically constricting clothes – and sartorial foolishness.” Okay…

There are a few fun and colorful pieces that excite the futuristic landscape, like the casual leafy-green jacket worn over the matching one-piece swimwear. And, there is also the bright citrus and aurulent design on the high-low apron skirt, worn over black pants.

Joan Smalls Vogue Future 5

Joan Smalls Vogue Future 3

Well, this may well be a future to believe in. Read more at Vogue.

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