‘Château De Gudanes’ – The Renovation Of A Quaint French Mansion

Ethereal in every way, the Château de Gudanes sits tucked away in the Pyrénées mountains in the South of France. And, would have been tucked away in the annals of history, but for an intrepid Australian couple and their enterprising son who found it online. Purchased in 2013, the couple have begun the worthy process of renovating and securing the french mansion for a new generation.

chateau-de-gudanes-december 7

With an exterior that seems right out of a fairy-tale, along with the majestic black horses that roam the picturesque grounds, the Château de Gudanes came into existence 300 years ago-ish in the time of the French Sun King, Louis XIV, the driving force behind Château de Versailles. Having fallen into neglect and disrepair, the new owners in their own words intend “…to preserve the atmosphere and authenticity of the Chateau and region as much as possible.” They’ve created an elegant website for the château with a web-store for this major undertaking.



chateau-de-gudanes-december 5

chateau-de-gudanes-december 8



chateau-de-gudanes-december 2

The Château de Gudanes was featured in the December print edition of Vogue, and Bazaar.