Fashion Flashback – Styles of the Late Sixties and Early Seventies With Courrèges

Hapars Bazaar Fashion Flashback-courreges-1968

A brief window back in time, into the style of the late sixties and early seventies, via André Courrèges is an ultra-modern and sleek vision of fashion and style. At the time, his designs were unusually geometric and boxy giving an uncluttered look. No surprise there, given his education as a civil engineer.

Courrèges opened his fashion house in 1961, showcasing his unique style in his famous A-line miniskirt, little white dress and trouser suit. The iconic 1960′s French fashion house has “a predilection for futuristic designs, geometric shapes and angles, and eye-catching textiles.

A day ago on May 6, it was announced that the fashion house had tapped a pair of new artistic directors of womenswear Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant of Coperni Femme​, “a young fashion line which, in its two years of existence, garnered ANDAM’s First Collections Prize, was shortlisted for the LVMH Prize, and attracted lots of attention from fashion editors for their “sleek silhouettes, decadent textiles, minimalist lines, and structured style.”

Courrèges relaunched in 2011 without an artistic director. They announced a new makeup line with Estée Lauder in March of 2014.

Hapars Bazaar Fashion Flashback-courreges-1972-rexusa

Hapars Bazaar Fashion Flashback 1965

Hapars Bazaar Fashion Flashback-courreges-1971-corbis

Hapars Bazaar Fashion Flashback-courreges-1965-rexusa

Hapars Bazaar Fashion Flashback-courreges-1965-rexusa - 2

Hapars Bazaar Fashion Flashback-1965-catherine-deneuve

Hapars Bazaar Fashion Flashback 1965-2

Images from Harper’s Bazaar

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