Target’s Bullseye on Peter Pilotto Collection

The recent hacking issues at Target have not dimmed their appreciation of couture for the masses. The latest designer, after Philip Lim and Missoni, to have struck target’s bull’s-eye is the London based Peter Pilotto.

When it comes to Peter Pilotto somethings are a given – above the knee skirts, printed and structured patterns, a daze of pastel colors encapsulated in their signature kaleidoscope style. So, it’s only natural to expect their Target collection to be lively and playful, cutting a fine-line between girly and sophisticated.




Peter Pilotto describes their ideal heroine as  “… beyond pure classification of age or style, just like the clothes themselves.”

Given the scale and size of Target’s operations, these couture collaborations are not designed to make a significant dent on their bottom-line. These partnership are really meant to generate buzz for the brand, and energize customers by increasing in-store foot traffic or page views online. In addition, when Target began to do these partnerships and collaborations in 2000 starting with Mossimo, it was really about raising its cool factor and appealing to a younger, cooler and hip crowd.

A New York Times article once delved into the topic of collaborations between big retailers and designers,

…barely have an effect on the retailers’ overall sales volumes. In fact, their success is not measured in dollars, but in overall media impressions, the metric used to determine how many times consumers read or saw a mention of the collaboration in the news media.

For smaller designers like Peter Pilotto these collaborations, according to the New York Times piece,

“…selling clothes at Target has become a status symbol for up-and-coming designers….it is not just about the exposure. The income can finance a runway show, or help sustain a high-end collection.”

The media coverage of these partnerships usually border on the euphoric, and they at times belie the controversies that do crop up. Such as the low quality of the pieces. A commenter on a popular blog, on the news of the Peter Pilotto collaboration stated

Collaboration is fine if it comes with quality. Unfortunately, most of the pieces from any of the Target collabos have been dismal (Missoni’s shoes looked USED fresh from the box). The pieces are cute, but I’m not interested at all.

Also, a designer once accused Target of creating knock-offs of their handbag, after the collaboration period had expired.


Be-that-it-may, controversies or not, these couture collaborations are usually a runaway hit for both Target and their designer.

Peter Pilotto’s collection for Target will be availbale beginning February 9th at your local Target store, at, and for international shoppers at

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