The Bow and Beaus of Kate Spade’s New Hand Bag

Kate Spade, known for all things pretty and adorable, recently rolled out its Fall 2013 Beau handbag to much acclaim at its stores nationwide. This new “Qt” bag features a large and prominent Kate Spade signature bow on your standard tote. It comes in a variety of colors for outfits of all types, styles, and demeanors. And, the Kate Spade brand is playing this up with the tag line “a girl can never have too many beaus”. Kate Spade Beau Bag 1 Walking along 5th Avenue in the Flat-iron district of New York City, between 20th and 21st Street, the Kate Spades store is layered and enlivened with the Beau bag, in all its variations. Chances are it won’t be too hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. Kate Spade Beau Bag 2 Although the concept of the bag is really “Qt”, yet it seems something is somewhat amiss. It’s a little hard to put one’s finger on it, but it could simply be that with the bow as the center-piece, maybe it should have been a bit more elaborate or … elegant? Kate Spade Bag 3 Maybe the lines on the bow could have been a bit less angular and more rounded. Although, given that the bow doubles as a flat pocket, it was probably just practical not to have rounded edges and corners so your precious items don’t slip out. deborah lloyd's inspiration The Beau bag, made of cowhide, has a soft and smooth exterior finish. However, maybe the bow could have been enhanced a bit with a little differentiation in texture like a suede, which would also add a tactile bonus to its visual appeal …. Maybe. Obviously, it’s a really “Qt” bag, especially this red-wine colored version with an alligator skin texture. Kate Spade Beau thumb 5 Kate Spade launched the new bag, which is really called “The 2nd Avenue Beau Bag”, with other clever tag lines like: “her beau looked even more attractive holding a bouquet of flowers,” 130430-08-297_07_SWOP … and, “she took coffee breaks with her beau perhaps a little more often than she should”. 130430-01-263_09_SWOP Witty and amusing, Kate Spade seems to be addressing preppy and independent minded city slickers.

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