, Conde Nast, Gilt, and Citizen Made Together at Software Meets Fashion Panel

The NY Software Engineers brought together leaders within the Fashion and Tech space for an evening at the beautiful Grind workspaces, in New York City.

Software Meets Fashion Panelists. Dalia Strum, Conde Nast Senior Developer, Gilt co-Founder, and Citizen Made

Moderated by the stylish and ebullient Dalia Strum of Fashion Institute of Technology, Michael O’Brien the senior technology manager at Conde Nast who is responsible for and, Michael Bryzek co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Gilt Groupe, and Bryn McCoy a co-founder of Citizen Made all provided an informative and fun panel discussion.

Dalia Strum of FIT

In her colorful necklace and ever present smile, Ms. Strum kept the discussion lively and the panelist on their toes.

Software Meets Fashion #FWTech Audience in Black

The large room filled up very quickly, and had a pretty diverse crowd from both the tech world and fashion industry in attendance.

Dalia Strum of Fashion Institute of Tech at #FWTech

Ms. Strum who’s very active where software merges with fashion teaches classes at the FIT such as Digital Analytics and Blogging for Fashion. She describes herself as an amateur app developer.

Software Meets Fashion #FWTech

Read more about this awesome event here.

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