Orange Dress… Black Dress… Choose One… if u can

Orange hued and little black dresses have competed all summer for favorite dress of working girls in New York City. It’s however readily apparent that the orangey, tangeriney, peachy and even carroty dresses have taken the laurel.


If on the other hand, you happened to recently be standing in front of the Banana Republic on 5th Avenue near 17th Street in Manhattan, it’ll still be a tough decision… orange or black?


Of both dresses, feminine and for sophisticates, as well as belted to add a little figure, the orange dress’s defining touch of refinement is the Qt heart-shaped neck line. What appears to be a cut-outs below the short-sleeves also puts it ahead of the black dress.

On the other hand, “the little black dress” adds an engaging visual illusion with it’s white halter.


Black ….or… orange? Orange… or…black?


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