Ivy League Qouture: Princeton Edition


The campus of Princeton in all its Ivy-league splendor is located in an idyllic setting, surrounded by small suburban towns and woods. Removed from any urban center, it almost lives in its own tranquil world. Which it can afford to do.

In this setting of excellence and academic pursuit, you’ll also find equally appropriate boutiques and style.

With stores like J. Crew and Brooks Brothers, the outfits on display during the late spring with the weather still a little chilly, are somber and ascetic with navy-blue sweaters, cardigans and neutral-colored pencil skirts. None-too-flashy or risqué, albeit “Qt”, these outfits are for mingling with business and world leaders.

Amidst the purveyors of muted attire, can be found relatively more colorful and playful outfits.

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