Qt Scans: Ralph Lauren’s Adventure with Matadors

Ralph Lauren 2

Ralph Lauren’s Spring 2013 collection has been making the rounds through the fashion magazines. Taking inspiration from Iberia or arguably “south of the border”, the theme seems to resonate with Flamenco in all it’s flair.

Ralph Lauren 1

The flaming-red evening dresses and gowns topped off with vaquero hats, and berets over gold-encrusted bolero jackets conjure images of a passionate adventure to the land of the matadors.

Ralph Lauren 3

Technology meets couture in this exquisite Ralph Lauren tote. The leather has been laser-cut into a basket-frame with “RL” scripting. Adorned with a “Qt” tassel that adds imagery of a bull’s tail, it connects with the Iberian theme. In that glaring red color and neutral lining, it’s sure to garner attention. Olé!

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