Curved Heels by Walter Steiger

Walter Steiger has done it again with their 2013 collection. Pictured here at their Park Avenue store, blocks away from Wall Street power houses like JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley, their unique signature styled heels dare to be hushed.
Now in the hands of the third generation Steiger family, the boys of Walter Steiger have not dropped the baton.
The Theo d’orsay pumps has a quite a bit of a bright pumpkin orange that contrast beautifully with the austere grey. It’s classy yet bold. Its streamlined and minimalist profile is adorably “Qt”.
The black peep toe platforms, on the left, covered in pearly studs in a swirly pattern, is called the Thorn. Starting broadly at the root the curved heel, quickly tapers, hence the name.
On the right is the aptly named Terminus, a heeled sandal, which seems made for a modern day female gladiator.
The Thorn
A lady who wears curved heels displays attitude and confidence on a whole other level. In these bow-shaped heels, she need no introductions; her shoes say it all.
The Oxford styled canvas and peek-toe platform called Prunelle, on the right” is for the ivy-league edgy-preppy in every smart lady.
Tinkerbell, on the left, rather befitting of it’s “Qt” name has a golden elastic sash done across its mid-section, defining sophistication.

The out of this world designs like the Tallulah and the Tilly, not on display, provide for an experience in shoe ecstasy.

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