Beauty at the Corner

Beauty, it has been said lies in the eye of the beholder. Although without much glamour and charm, these “Qt” items seen at a tiny little store on the corner of 35th street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan possess a certain appeal, to the beholder.

To start with, the colors are alluring: Neon-lime green and a shade of pink on the salmon side. And, the designs a little regular but nonetheless stylish.

These flowery collars and neck-line embellishments, makes for a radiant look. The flourished collar of the lime-green item also adds a bit of a regal feel to the look . Styled for a gown, it has a cut that is somewhat dynamic suggesting movement and non-conformity. It also looks like a comfortable spring and early summer outfit. The fabric used here is a little rigid, but another fabric of greater fluidity would likely enhance the dynamic look. Finally, a little color-blocking on the color might just enhance its “Qt-ness. Mmmm…. just a thought.

Our little corner boutique also adds a little one-stop shopping with an assortment of shoes, some glamorously studded and others that many a man would not want to be on the wrong end of. Shopping here will most likely result in minimum damage to your wallet.

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