Handbags, Clutches and Purses the P. Luca Way

These hand bags and clutches seen at the P. Luca 4 Barami store on 7th Avenue btw 36th and 37th street, all have very unique qualities that gives that “Qt” appeal.

The deep yellow hand bag with the leather strands has a western feel, that conjures images of a cow girl. The glittering and round-shaped neck of the arm-hold adds a bit of sophistication to soften the look a bit.

The multi-colored clutch really stands out because of its well textured patterning, which makes it an alluring item that’s not boring.

Orange and it’s derivative shades are the new pink. Wanna add some “Qt” to your outfit? Add the peach-orange clutch with shades to match.

P. Luca is a sub-brand of Barami, started by Barami’s daughters. The daughters seemed to have added a youthful edge based on the uniqueness and individuality found in a young generation.

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