Subway Fashion: “Men on the Street”

Something about these “men on the street”, captured on the same night, begged to be an exception to the rule for QutieQouture.

The  gentleman waiting for the train, with his hat stylishly placed over his head, really put together a great combination with the colorful and large scarf that’s seemly busting out of his smug overcoat. Interestingly, it’s a mixed message of sorts with a metaphor. Ostensibly, that is.  He seems to be saying underneath this façade of coolness and self-assuredness, is a passionate and a little insecure inner voice that’s being held back. Which isn’t always a bad thing for someone with responsibilities. He would just need a healthy outlet. Again,… ostensibly.

It’s amazing what a single item of clothing and a smile can do for your outfit. With that burnt orange striped tie and smile he may as well be running for congress.

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