Hidden Treasures

Talk about a hidden treasure! It was past midnight, and this little window was almost pitch black. But some instinct said there’s got to be something interesting about what looked like the silhouette of a dress peeking from the darkness. With the flash turned on and trying every angle possible, these awe-inspiring and magnificently “Qt” outfits, were made manifest.

This custom maker of fashionable items is so obscure that no one can quite agree on its name. Some call it Workshop Leathers, others Shearling and Leather by Workshop, and still others just call it Workshop. It is located on 107 E. 59th Street in Manhattan, between Madison and Park Avenue

Let’s start with the collar-sleeve combo of the central display, which seems right out of a Salvador Dali painting. And, that red dress… totally speechless.

How does one begin to describe these manifestations of fashion?  Any takers?

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