NY Daily News Style: Puttin’ On The Knits

The theme of the Style section in the Thursday, 01-03-13 edition of the NY Daily News was all about dressing warm and looking stylish in knits this winter.

The paseo dress, a sweater dress with tribal patterns is comfortably close-fitting and looks great underneath the cardigan and pom-pom knit hat. Its graceful and earthy brown-themed look gives new meaning to the word “paseo” which means ‘taking a leisure walk’. What better outfit  is there for a promenade to get back to nature.

The scarf adorning the yellow sweater is fulsome, richly patterned in a heritage style, multi colored and mult-layered, and all very neatly.

The combination of  the patterned sweater and zebra-striped skinny pants really work together to create a bit of a sassy look. The red foundation of the sweater definitely sets the mood for this outfit. And those platforms ….

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